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Popular Products

Development Planning

Order by Order

We need to all collect order related information then any reference samples, etc. Then we will assign experienced team to help you set goals and targets.

Start Sampling


Sampling process involves Product Design, Forging, Milling, Grinding (filling & setting), Heat Treatment, Hardness Test, Etching, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Final Finish, Quality Control, Labelling and Packaging, etc. However, no worries we can handle it all for you.

Tweaks and Adjustments

of Samples

Now that we have all your samples ready and it is time to check fit & construction, if there is a need of further perfection our expert sample maker will proceed to make your final pre-production sample. While our competitor is making still making revision, we are half way in to production.

Production and Delivery

Final Step

With your final approval of samples now it is time to start production. Our team of expert craftsman and skilled management ensure timely delivery as per agreed timeline.

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